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I’m that girl that took action to make change. I decided I no longer wanted to work in a corporate career. I decided life was too short to do something I wasn’t passionate about.


I took it upon myself to commit to a dream so big that I knew most wouldn’t believe me. I didn’t care. I was and am doing this for me. That’s the exciting thing.


This isn’t your typical photography page. I’m not here to promote myself for the hope of work. I’m here to share the journey of becoming the best version of myself. I’m here to show how I made my dreams into a reality.


I am a firm believer in gaining as much knowledge as possible and surrounding yourself with people who are more experienced than oneself. For me it’s about soaking in all information I come across, then picking and pulling what I resonate with to compile my own decisions.


These are the makings of who I am. This is the beginning of being Forever Seen. xx