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What Is Forever Seen?

A girl. A Dream. A Journey.


It’s a wonderful thing discovering how little we know about ourselves and the world around us. For some of us it is an ah ha sort of moment… the sort of moment that we will be forever changed from.


When I became truly aware I was responsible for creating the life I desired, I decided to take charge. I defined what it is that makes me happy, and then created a long term action plan to bring those dreams into a reality.


I left a corporate career to follow a dream of one day creating powerful internationally recognised imagery which makes a change for the better in societies beliefs… Forever Seen is about my journey to discovering the mindset and skills needed to make this a reality.


It’s about the practical things I have put in place, and more importantly how I have learnt from the lessons I have and am receiving along the way. I by far am no where near where I wish to be in life, but in all honesty – it’s a journey worth sharing from the beginning. xx

Forever Seen Blog

The Beat Of Your Drum

Lately I’ve been battling with personalities that I guess I don’t see eye to eye with. And my oh my what a challenge it has been. There have been so many lessons learned from these past few months but the biggest of them all is that I must always stick true to my inner self belief and worth. Click to see how I overcame these difficulties.

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Vietnam & Cambodia

Sitting On The Windowsill, I Recall All The Little Things That Made The Moment So Special, Feeling The Warmth Of The Sun On My Skin Thinking To Myself I’m So Blessed To Be Living My Dream.

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Getting Back To Nature

Ever Feel Consumed By Life? That Hustle Bustle Feeling; Like Life Has You In Its Grasp? Had Enough?

Of Course You Know What I Mean. We All Know It. That All Too Familiar Yet Consuming To Do List. It’s That Feeling Deep Inside Us Pestering Us To Keep Going, Quietly Saying We Must…

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It's the journey in life that should define you

How To Get Yourself On Set

Getting on board with an agency can be hard these days, especially when you’re straight out of school, let alone what to expect when you get in there. Learn my top techniques and how I left a corporate career and became a full time assistant.

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How Did I First Implement The LOA In My Life?

It is an amazing thing when you have a shift in your mindset. When the penny drops.. its funny how we realise how little we actually know about the world.

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The Downside To Changing Your Mindset

There is no beating around the bush. As much as the blame game is the go to, it isn’t going to help anymore than what it already has. And if it hasn’t already helped, then what makes you think it’s going to work in the future?

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Why – In The Beginning

I know I haven’t been there and done it all… I’m not at the top brimming with all the answers but I am on the road to achieving dreams I never thought possible for myself, and in all honesty I’d rather share the journey with you from the beginning.

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Letting Go of What Society Believes

It’s a funny thing life. The way some of us go through it without necessarily asking ourselves deep and meaningful questions, nor answering them without any boundaries.

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