Getting Back To Nature

Getting Back To Nature

Ever feel consumed by life?


You know, that hustle bustle feeling… like life has you in it’s grasp?


Had enough?



Of course you know what I mean. We all know it. That all too familiar yet consuming to do list. It’s that feeling deep inside pestering us to keep going, quietly saying we must; either that or we won’t get ahead in life. It’s that realization no one is going to do it for us.


If you’re like me then you enjoy this pace. It’s a pace that allows you to see the progress you’ve made in leaps and bounds. It can be exciting to say the least, however I’m sure you know the all too honest truth… the excitement doesn’t last long at all if you’re unable to sustain a balance between what drives you and what keeps you sane.

Although I have a really good routine that allows me to keep my sanity, I recently realized the benefit to leaving the city altogether in order to escape the rat race. Tasting the freedom and  the sense 0f release from the hustle – even if it is for just for one day a month, it’s amazing what it can do for the soul..  


I guess it’s a chance to cleanse the soul, escape to nature and find my thoughts. It allows me to breathe the air deep and fresh. It gives me time to realign myself with the beauty of life and quite honestly, to sing aloud like no one can hear me… why – because that deep in the bush no one can!


It’s something I’ve been doing on my own from an age of single digits. When you grow up in a small lakeside town surrounded by incredible rainforests it is the perfect breeding ground for a lifelong desire – a desire of lungs filled with dense damp fresh air.

And in all honesty, it’s something I didn’t realize was so deeply ingrained into me until I recently returned from Vietnam and Cambodia. These countries are incredibly beautiful. Unique in their own unforgettable ways. The constant inescapable hustle bustle is an experience on it’s own. I made the effort to walk and run my way around these countries but as visually pleasing these experiences were, I was looking forward to getting home to my coastal walks.

I thought to myself the local walks I do are the nature’s wonderland I was craving but I was all too wrong.

I walk for an hour at sunrise each morning. 99.9% of these walks are along coastal tracks within a couple blocks of home, where the air is salty and the sea reflects a bounty of colourful hues, each filling my soul with gratitude… but these walks were still leaving me with a small void inside and I didn’t know why.

It wasn’t until someone special took me on a trip to the Southern Highlands about three hours south of Sydney that it became all so clear. I didn’t just crave the desire to walk or run these dense colour saturated forests, it was a combination of exploring somewhere new but being able to express my thoughts and let them blossom in their natural surroundings. Where no one is judged and all is free to grow to it’s full potential. But more so it was the sense of sharing that with someone who also has the same unique mindset, strong passion for life and even better goals in life that seem so strangely aligned to mine.  


The clarity that comes to mind when one is able to get away from the hustle and bustle and contemplate ideas without any distractions or judgement, the energy that builds between you, nature and the one you’re exploring with is something you wish you could bottle and spray yourself with on those all too familiar days. It leaves one recharged and ready to take on what lays ahead not only with a full battery but with a more defined purpose.


No doubt you are aware, with too much going on around us, it’s too easy to fall prey to all the distractions. This is why you must make time to find your inner zen. Find what it is that made you happy and free when you were young. Then ask yourself honestly why aren’t you doing these activities anymore? And more importantly ask.. What can I do to bring this back into my life?

What is life at the top of the ladder if you find your ladder was against the wrong wall?

What activities did you do when you were young that you enjoyed the most?

Is it possible to do this activity again?

If yes, will you commit to bringing these happy activities back into your routine?


What is the first step you will implement?

If you can’t do this activity again, break down why..

Are there pieces of this that you can adapt to your new surroundings/circumstances?

What else can you do to make more time for your happiness?

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