How did I first implement the LOA in my life?

How did I first implement the LOA in my life?

It is an amazing thing when you have a shift in your mindset.


When the penny drops, its funny how we realise how little we actually know about the world.


For me I guess I was a typical graduate…. I felt I should have everything handed to me, I mean:

a) I had just spent several years studying my field, and

b) I had already worked bloody hard for it.


But becoming acquainted with something so supernatural and larger than life such as the law of attraction, it really made me step out of my shoes and think to myself…. maybe I don’t know it all!! Hmmmm?!


It seems to be only at this time, one finally seeks to first understand… And the best answer I knew for this was to look for a mentor. I wanted someone I could talk openly about these new points of view, someone who could also provide me the industry insight I was after and help guide me in the direction of my goals.


I have never had a mentor before (well apart from my beloved mum) but from the more and more reading I was doing, all those who have succeeded in life have all had mentors who shared their knowledge in their particular fields.

I didn’t know who in particular I was after but their was one piece of knowledge I have always clung onto from my mum…. It takes a smart person to ask for knowledge from others, but only a fool would believe that only one person has all the answers.

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So I decided to break down what it was I was looking to seek. What were my goals and what did I need to understand and learn to make these goals a reality, and more importantly, how would I go about getting this?


When I broke down what I wanted to learn I realized there are two areas that are a priority for me to understand. One, the business side of commercial photography and two, understanding and working on a large full scale production for fashion campaigns.  


Once I understood this I knew where I had to start looking. And it’s a funny thing, for when one knows what steps they need to take, the universe tends to answer your calls. Within two weeks I had been interviewed and accepted into a position as a development photographer/post production assistant for one of Sydney’s top commercial photographers.

Being completely open in what I was looking to learn during my interview ended up being my savior for later my mentor admitted there were other interviewees who were more experienced photographers than myself however none of them showed the drive I had nor the intense internal desire to learn that I do.


This role turned out to be exactly what I was after. My mentor was looking to train someone not only in the photography side of things but within business. He has put me through business papers, paved my way to true networking and has trained me to become a photographer who can really think on their feet.

Having since photographed multi million dollar architectural projects, events with key people such US delegates and portraits of CEOs from the top banks in the world, it’s fair to say although not my long term goal of fashion – the lessons I am learning from this mentor are a valuable asset to a strong foundation in photography.

It wasn’t until I approached these agencies and photographers in a different way that I actually got some positive results!

After a few months I really felt I had a great balance and routine going and it was time to find my next mentor, this time in fashion. The big decision was with who! There are so many I admire in this industry. I decided to narrow down a list of four and then contact them directly or their agencies respectively.

This was one of my biggest lessons in communication. Me being me, I can blab on a bit too much and it wasn’t until, Amber Renee a friend of mine who is a mentor in her own respects, gave me some wonderful advice. These people are busy. They don’t have time to read a one-page document on why I would be an asset to their team… seems obvious I know but sometimes I forget not everyone wants to know your story!

Want to download a template of what I wrote? Click here.

I guess it was a big lesson in life, if you know the steps you need to take but it doesn’t seem to work, try look at the the situation in a different approach, and even better from their point of view.


These days it’s not uncommon for recent grads to contact agencies etc for experience… in-fact it is very common. You need to be able to make yourself stand out from the crowd and to also make a true lasting impression your first day on set. But above all, you need to have a positive frame of mind when you put yourself out there in these situations.

Read my tips about approaching and meeting with agencies and what to do when you first make it on set.

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You may feel vulnerable when reaching out for a mentor or silly trying to believe in attracting something you never thought possible for yourself but remember, we all start somewhere…. even the greats did… it is that passion, faith and persistence that got them to where they are today.


We all have our doubts but above all we need to figure out what it is we want and focus on… the opportunity or the doubt. By breaking our goals down into small manageable steps, researching the different avenues, considering all the possibilities, and then focusing on how you will achieve these these steps, you will be amazed how all of a sudden the stars will align for you.


For me, here I am, working with two mentors who are each passing on their knowledge and guidance to me… who are each ultimately helping me gain a strong foundation for me to achieve my long term goals.


Having a strong knowledge of what I want for my future, there will be many more instances where I attract into my life what I am looking for…. But I also believe it is absolutely vital to learn to walk before you run. It is necessary to pace yourself with your journey in order to maximise the lessons so be sure to only attract what you need at the time…. But if you are like me, there is no harm in daydreaming!

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