The Little Drummer

The Beat Of Your Drum

It’s amazing how strung up we can get with things. How some thoughts can take us on a strayed path even when we thought we were on top with a positive mindset and a strong path to success.

These last several months have been the biggest learning curve of them all for lil old me. A curve that in long sight has been what I needed and essentially has propelled me in ways that I could not see at the time. It’s only now I see the truth to the age old saying.. only in your hardships your true self will learn to shine.

The beginning of my downfall, I let people query my abilities. And with this came the self-doubt… and with that well it easily turned into the undoing of what I thought was my yellow brick road.


I felt I had blown my chances. I felt for the first time in my life I had failed, and in reality – this was the first time I’d ever failed. And it sucked.

Looking back I had become so fixated on what I felt was the problem I forgot the reason why I started. I forgot what I loved about it all, and worst of all due to this intense internal doubt, I essentially had baked myself a recipe for disaster.

But with any negative there comes a positive. There have been a lot of changes in my life lately and quite frankly with processing all that has gone on, I feel so much lighter. I feel refreshed, reinvigorated and better yet, I feel I have a deeper internal faith in these stepping stones of development I initially forgot I needed.

Its been a bit of a re awakening. A reminder the challenges I have been facing are strengthening my weaknesses. A reminder the journey of growth and development is meant to query your judgment.. but it shouldn’t allow you to loose your judgement. Never loose faith in ones self, stand up for what you believe in and stay true to what you feel on the inside. Follow this and you’ll make it through it all.

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