Why – In The Beginning

Why - In The Beginning

I guess first of all most would like a reason for why I’m doing what I’m doing. I know I haven’t been there and done it all… I’m not at the top shining down with all the answers but I am on the road to achieving dreams I never thought possible for myself and in all honesty I want to inspire and share with you how I am manifesting this reality.

“Why am I opening up my life to make it as transparent as can be? Why risk making yourself so open to competition? Why allow others to see in? “

One of my goals is to not only inspire others to take that leap of faith, a leap I almost never took, but to help them find the mindset and outlook on life they need to make that dream a reality.


When I started my journey into the world of my dreams I was a completely different person. I turned to the internet like most people do but I didn’t find the help or the answers I was looking for… especially for the field of photography I have chosen. Yes there are countless tutorials for the technical side of photography, as after all we are living in the information age but it was more than this. I couldn’t pinpoint what it was for a long time either, what was the question that I needed to ask?  

It all changed when my friend introduced me to a book ‘The Secret’. At the time I wasn’t in a good place. I was struggling with a demanding payroll job four days a week, college Fridays and Saturdays which I had a love hate relationship with and then Sundays were for intense study and assignments.

“Searching the Internet for answers seemed pointless, purely because I didn’t know what I was looking for.”

Two years consistently like this, with pressures of periodically sustaining the financials when the other half was between work for some time, terrible addiction habits, an unhealthy diet and of course the standard daily issues we all face… I felt like the world was against me.


The funny thing is I thought I was a positive person. I truly thought I had a positive outlook on life but now that I know better I recall most of my underlying thoughts were of how I would never be as good as those I admired. I focused on how hard the industry was to get a break in, how I knew I could do better than some of those who are making it but the only reason I’m not is because no one would give me the chance.


For any of you who have read The Secret, you will know how empowering this book is and how it is designed to help it’s readers find the light… but I was in such a bad place, when I read the first three pages I threw it to the side and thought what a load of crap.

“I was in the blaming frame of mind. I though this was an absolute load of bollocks. I didn’t even consider possibility of opening my opinion to it.“

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“Having a close friend tell me about her shift of a frame of mind helped me see where I was going wrong.”

Thankfully call it luck if you like, but the universe gives you more than one chance. I had had a tough migration to Sydney and my relationship suffered. My fiancé and I were having real issues, 7 years into our relationship several things weren’t going right so I went and stayed with a close friend for a few days to talk and think about things. This friend of mine is a true inspiration. Sarah her name is. She has also left a career she wasn’t fond of anymore and took a huge risk and started her own swimwear brand. She has put a lot of hard work into her brand since she had started it a year prior and with her development and growth she had some incredible insight for me.

It is one thing to read about a paradigm shift it in a book or listen to it on youtube. To truly feel the sincerity in a friend’s voice you truly trust, it’s something you can’t pass on. I decided to go back to my fiancé, of which we happened to move house that week and I miraculously came across the book The Secret again. I decided to give it another go, this time I was open to the idea and only several pages in, the book had me hooked. I read it back to back over and over and also in-conjunction with another book that this same friend had given me too “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” by Steven Covey.

“It was at this point which my life changed. I felt as though I had been awakened and had found the question I had been seeking all along”

The basis of these books have developed me more this past year than the last 25 odd years of my life. Since discovering the Law Of Attraction I have grown in ways I never thought possible and it is this that I want to share with you all.


Not everyone has friends, or family who has this knowledge of a positive mindset nor may they have someone who has experience first hand of how it has impacted them for the better. And that to me now is a very scary thought.

“It’s weird when I look back on who I was but I am proud to say I am a completely new person from whom I used to be”.

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Not everyone has friends, or family who has this knowledge of a positive mindset nor may they have someone who has experience first hand of how it has impacted them for the better. And that to me now is a very scary thought.


To think I would have conformed to society’s beliefs if I was not shown a different point of view. And it is that point of view I wish to share with you all. I know some people struggle with the concept and faith of the Law Of Attraction but I hope through my journey of bringing my goals into reality that you can see and above all, relate to my progress and proceed to make a positive impact within your own life.  This is why I am laying out all that I wish to succeed. My detailed plans to do succeed and how I intend to do it will be as transparent as can be and best of all as I progress you will see how I develop, the results I achieve and reflect along the way as I design the life I desire.

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