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Who Is Forever Seen?

A girl. A Dream. A Journey.


By that girl I mean me.. Melissa Robinson¬†ūüėĬ†(Cheesy Grin)…


I have a dream of one day¬†creating powerful internationally recognised imagery which makes us all stop and think…


And well the journey – thats because I by far am only at the start of making this dream a reality.


Cool thing is I want to share my growth with you all, to show that it really is achievable if you know what you want – patience,¬†practice and persistence will pay off and I’m here to show you how it’s working for me!…

Modern Day Masters of Fashion Photography

As you may or may not know I am new to this world of fashion, I’m sad to admit it due to my ripe age but it’s true.

I know I have a lot to catch up on, not just in the world of fashion photography but also in the world of fashion in general. So I figured why not share my research with you all? Sharing is caring isn’t it?

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Mario Testino –¬†The¬†Master

When researching about how Mario and how he came to be who he is, one thing I felt a connection with was learning that he enrolled to study photography in 1976, significant because he was 22 years of age.

I feel almost every successful photographer I know of was given a camera at a young age… it’s disheartening in a way because I in no way was young myself!

What To Do When New To Fashion Photography

You have a new inner belief inside you, one that you know will forever change your life, one that you want to run at full speed and grasp at full throttle.

You can envision yourself at the finish line with all the possibilities, all the excitement but one thing… where does one begin to get where they want to be?

Recent Posts

A Day On Set With Georges Antoni

Shoot day was on a cold early morning in July well before dawn, the air was crisp… you know the frosty breathe type of air. Everyone on set was cool, calm and collective‚Ķ well everyone but myself.

Although cool, calm and collective I was bursting with excitement and it¬†didn’t take long for Georges and his first assistant to¬†figure this out and have a giggle about my excitement.

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Irving Penn – The Master

Irving Penn is a true example of experimenting and developing with who one is as an individual.

Many of us grow up with a fixed idea of what one should do with their life; for Irving that was to become a successful painter.

Although trying all his might he regretfully realised this wasn’t his destined path.

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Alexi Lumbomirski – The Master

Alexi has this incredible outlook on life. He sees the world and the people who fill it in a way that could only be described as passion for life and love for all who fill it.

It resonates within his work and if you too follow Alexi’s regular social media posts you too will understand why my upmost favourite thing about him is his sense of appreciation for all he has.

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