Not your average kiwi.



Adventure loving and full of life Melissa grew up in a small lake side town on the West Coast of New Zealand’s South Island.

A town of 40 people. Where wake boarding in summer and snowboarding in winter was the norm.



Her childhood consisted of dirt bikes, thrash cars and road trip adventures and despite the typical struggle most go through, in her mid-twenties Melissa took that leap of faith and now has a lifestyle that resembles her childhood and dreams.



In her teenage years cut off from the internet and struggling with self-worth, Melissa never thought such an adventurous lifestyle could last.

Dropping out of school at 15 and taking a safe accounting and payroll career, since taking that leap of faith Melissa has never looked back.



Graduating from the Brisbane College of Photography and Art, it wasn’t long until Melissa’s first assisting position came with Australia’s top fashion photographer, Georges Antoni.



Upon deciding to aim for bigger heights, Melissa freelanced with other top photographers in Australia such as Simon Leikas, David Mandelberg, Juli Balla, Jake Terry and Daren MacDonald in order to gain experience with different atheistic’s before her next goal, New York.



From here Melissa moved to New York where she assisted photographers such as Craig McDean, Ethan James Green, Benny Horne, Emma Summerton, Tyler Kohlhoff, and Bibi Borthwick.



A passionate traveller and fitness lover who regularly climbs sky scrapers and bridges for fun, Melissa embraces each opportunity with open arms. Her atheistic represents her lifestyle, her love for street culture and people doing amazing things.

Yet a lover of chasing dreams and fashion, her images still have dreamy elements.



During covid Melissa has taken yet another leap of faith and moved on from her assisting career.