I’m that girl that took action to make change. I stood in my own shadow for too long. I decided I no longer wanted to work in a corporate career.


I decided life was too short to do something I wasn’t passionate about. I decided I no longer wanted to hide who I truly was.


I took it upon myself to commit to a dream so big that I knew most wouldn’t believe me. I didn’t care. I was and am doing this for me. That’s the exciting thing.


This isn’t your typical photography page. I’m not here to promote myself for the hope of shooting. I’m here to share the journey of finding myself. I’m here to show how I made my dreams into a reality.


I am now a firm believer in gaining as much experience as possible and surrounding yourself with like minded people.


For me it’s about soaking in all information I come across, to picking and pulling what I resonate with, composing my own beliefs.


Since making that leap of faith I have spent the last three years assisting in Sydney, Australia – working with the top fashion photographers… and now it’s time for the next step.


With so much still to learn I’m excited to have had my O1 visa pass in AUG19. Now based in New York with the goal to assist the top fashion photographers in the world, I’m incredibly thankful to be learning more and more as each day goes by.


These are the makings of who I am. This is the beginning of the journey to my true self. This is how I became Forever Seen. xx

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